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Curtis (left) and Brad Rempel
With their current single, “Make You Mine,” currently sitting at No. 21 on the Billboard Country Airplay chart, High Valley is at the top of their game. Imports from La Crete, Canada, the brothers—Brad and Curtis Rempel—have been touring the States with Martina McBride as part of her Love Unleashed Tour and are gearing up for their own headlining European Tour, kicking off on Feb. 4, 2017.
To top off their whirlwind year, the duo just released their album, Dear Life, on Nov. 18.
“Curtis and I never had diaries growing up, but we like to think this whole record and definitely the title track is like letting somebody read our diary,” Brad tells Nash Country Daily. “Dear life, here’s what’s going on. Here’s what I’m thankful for. By the way, this is what I’m scared of. Hey, could you chill out a little bit and slow down? It’s definitely like writing a diary and I love it.”
To help you get to know the genetically blessed brothers a little better, Nash Country Daily asked Brad and Curtis to play the superlative game, where we give them a superlative and they let us know who fits the mold.
Most athletic?
Curtis: Brad.
Brad: Sure.
Most affectionate?
Brad: I probably cry more often, but we’re both probably really affectionate.
Most unpredictable?
Brad: Curtis.
Curtis: Yeah.
Most likely to star on a reality TV show?
Brad: Curtis. Curtis can balance a banjo on his face. Unimaginable amounts of potential.
Curtis: I’m very dramatic.
Most stylish?
Brad: I always say our stylist because everything we wear, we’re just told to wear by somebody else.
Most likely to be late for an appointment?
Curtis: Me.
Brad: I don’t know. Curtis has actually been really on time. I’ve been running a little late lately. I feel embarrassed about it.
Curtis: We can call it a tie.
Most likely to get lost?
Brad: Definitely Curtis.
Curtis: Yeah, me.
Most likely to join a nudist colony?

Brad: Curtis!
Curtis: No way! Brad
Brad: I’m not going to say me [laughs].
Most likely to trip up the stairs?
Brad: Probably Curtis
Curtis: Yeah, probably me.
Most likely to be Prime Minister?
Brad: Me.
Curtis: Yeah, I don’t want that job.
Brad: I also do not want that job, but our Prime Minister was recently seen shirtless in a cave hiking so…
Curtis: Exactly. Nudist colony. You just walked right into that one man.

Photos courtesy Monarch Publicity

Source: Country Weekly

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