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Jim Casey talks with Montgomery Gentry’s Eddie Montgomery about:

the death of his longtime friend and duo partner Troy Gentry
the little things that remind him of Troy
the good times he and Troy shared during their early days onstage
the first time he met Troy
putting the Montgomery Gentry duo together
MG’s new album, Here’s to You, which drops on Feb. 2
playing “Better Me” at Troy’s celebration of life at the Grand Ole Opry
Troy’s vocals on the new album
recording his first love song, “All Hell Broke Loose”
quintessential MG song, “Needling a Beer”
his working-class mentality
some of the great songwriters featured on the album
going through thousands of songs to pick the album’s 12 songs
kicking off his Here’s to You Tour in February
performing onstage without Troy
carrying on the Montgomery Gentry name


Eddie Montgomery of Montgomery Gentry
Jim Casey, NCD editor in chief

Source: Country Weekly

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