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Brett Eldredge will send a new single, “Love Someone,” to country radio on June 18.
Penned by Brett, Ross Copperman and Heather Morgan, “Love Someone” is featured on Brett’s 2017 self-titled album, which has already spawned one Top 5 hit, “The Long Way.”
“‘Love Someone’ is about the simplicity of love,” Brett says. “You know love is actually, when it comes down to it, a very simple thing. What are those things that you look for most in a companion? It’s someone that keeps you warm at night, that’s always there for you. Somebody that laughs at the way you dance—they think it’s funny but they love you for it. They smile when you’re holding their hand. This is one of those first-listen kind of songs that just makes you smile, makes you feel good, makes you want love if you don’t have it and makes you happy to be in love if you are.”
Listen to “Love Someone” below.

photo by Jason Simanek

Source: Country Weekly

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