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Little Big Town released a new single, “Summer Fever,” on June 6.
The new track was co-penned by Jesse Frasure, Cary Barlowe, Sam Romans and LBT’s Karen Fairchild, who is also featured on lead vocals.
“Summer Fever” was co-produced by Frasure and Shane McAnally, who is confident the new tune will implore fans to bust a move.
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Summer Fever Creative: Milkglass
“I dare you to sit still when this song comes on . . . it’s impossible,” said Shane. “I don’t even dance, but something comes over me when this thing kicks in. I can’t wait for the world to catch ‘Summer Fever.’”
“It’s always amazing when a song seems to just wait for its own perfect timing,” added Jesse. “Getting the chance to bring this song to life in the writing room with my co-writers, and through the opportunity to co-produce with my friend Shane McAnally has been a dream come true. I can’t wait to hear this song coming out of a rolled down window this summer.”
Little Big Town will perform the song live on the CMT Music Awards on June 6.
Listen to “Summer Fever” below.

“Summer Fever”
Feel that salt in the air, almost there
Got that wind in my hair, Ray-Ban glare
Hear that song we love on the radio
Stir it up, baby we both know
We’re ‘bout to float that Malibu
With that flip-flop attitude
With that old school mixtape playing
Over and over again on a blown out speaker
Dance in the sand while the sun sets deeper
Got that top back on that Jeep
Got that soundtrack on repeat
Got that one hand on my knee and I want it
Over and over again catching summer fever, summer fever, summer fever
Close our eyes and let it take us
Lost in the waves and the palm trees swaying
All alone and out of reach
Just the stars and the moonlight, you and me
We’re ‘bout to float that Malibu
With that barefoot attitude
With that slow jam mixtape playing
Repeat Chrous
Endless sun kissed smile on our face
Chase that love like it’s running away
And I want it
Yeah I want it
Repeat Chorus
Over and over again catching summer fever, summer fever, summer fever

Source: Country Weekly

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